Fiber Optic Transmission Equipment

Digital Video-High-performance video codecs for digital communication networks

Audio and data complete range of modules for simplex and full-duplex audio or a synchronous data transmission.

Complete product range for interactive fiber optic CATV networks

Audio and data complete range of modules for simplex and full-duplex audio or asynchronous data transmission.

Single Channel Video Complete range of fibre optic video transmitters and receivers for high quality and reliable video transmission

Fiber Optic System
Data, audio and contact cloures
» Audio and data multiplexer
» Contact closure     multiplexer

AM Video
» Video only
» Video, 2-Way data
» Video, audio and data

FM Video
» Video only
» Video, 2-way data
» Video, audio and data

Video Multiplexers
» 4-Channel video
» 4-channel video, 2-way
» data/audio
» 4-channel video, audio and     data

» 8-channel video
» Video multiplxers
» Drop insert multiplexers

Video Encoder - Decoder & Codecs
» Video Encoder -
    Decoder, 2 Mbps E1/T1
» Video Encoder -
    Decoder, X.21 Interface
    / V.35     Interface /
    10/100 Base-T
    Ethernet Interface
» Video Encoder -
    Decoder & Codecs, 3 x
    ISDN Interface
» MPEG-2 / DVB Codecs     over IP / Ethernet     Networks 2-15 Mbps,     Resolution support L:
    D1, 2/3D1, HD1 or CIF

Single fiber systems high quality fiber optic transmission of video, duplex audio and data signal.

ISDN / Ethernet Video Codecs & MPEG-2 / DVB Encoders for CCTV Applications
The digital video codec is a powerful tool for video surveillance or video conferencing via standard telecom networks. It offers high resolution, full-motion video pictures via ISDN / Ethernet (LAN/WAN) IP networks. The system allows fast implementation and a very cost-effective realization of a video surveillance network. The system is ideal for remote camera applications, such as in highways, city-centre or railway surveillance networks, or for temporary CCTV systems for public events.
The video compression algorithm can be based on MPEG-2 / H.261, offering full CIF resolution. The use of international standardized line interfaces and communication based on the H.320 video conferencing standard ensures plug and play installation.

The digital ISDN / IP video codec offers hi-directional video, audio and two data channels. Configuration and control are carried out with Windows-based control software, included with the system.

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