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16x4 EDFA Series
1550nm Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier ED23X4B Series

Product Description

ED23X4B series C-Band booster amplifier is designed for the application of single channel or 1~8 continous ribbon channels (ITU wavelength). Generally,fiber CATV system operates in single wavelength that has no strict requirement on gain flatness. ED23X4B booster amplifier is featured with low NF,high-saturated output power. It is applicable for central bureau and line relay, as well as optical communication network. ED23X4B is applied most commonly and widely compared with other EDFA CATV system.

Product Feature

   Low noise figure.
   High Output power.
   Through the button of front panel can adjust and set the output power .
   RS232 commutation and SNMP network management optional.
   Excellent P/P ratio.

Main Application

   Digital CATV
   Optical network

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