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MCBS has successfully exported its C-Band & DTH antennae and Set top boxes to Australia, Middle East, Thailand, Mauritius & African countries.

Exporters of Ku-Band Antennae: 55cm, 60cm, 85cm & 90cm DTH antenna

    R & D DIVISION Experts  
    Exporters of C-Band Antennae: 8 feet,12 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet antenna systems.  
    Exporters of DVB-S satellite receiver / Set top box  
    Exporters of DVB-C cable Set top box: Irdeto and Conax embedded  
    Exporters of Moulds for Outdoor Amplifiers, Tap Offs, Splitters, Power Dividers  
    Exporters of Video routers, Audio routers, Video switchers, audio switchers, Video-audio routers,
   Video distribution amplifiers
    Exporters of C-Band Feed Horn, Single feed Horn, Dual Feed Horn  

Exports to countries like: South Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand

    Please contact for all your export needs.  
    Please contact :  
    Mr. Ashish Jain  
    E-mail : ashjain@mcbsintl.com
    Mr. Manish Jain  
    E-mail : mjain@mcbsintl.com  
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