Late Prof. Yash Pal(Padma Vibhushan & Former Director SAC(ISRO)) visited MCBS in 23rd March 2013

Prof. Yash Pal with G.C.Jain sir & MCBS Staff Members

G.C.Jain sir Warmly Welcome Prof.Yash Pal sir

G.C.jain sir Warmly Welcome Mrs.Pal

Former Director SAC(ISRO)Shri Pramod Kale visited MCBS & NICIT - 2008

A team of 20 students from 8 UN Countries & India(Indian Defence- Army/Navy/Airforce)from Center for Space Science & Technology Education in Asia & the Pacific(CSSTEAP)(Affiliated to the United Nations) visited MCBS Factory & Hi-Rel Facility on 2nd January 2020

MCBS VELTECH Chennai Collabration

Ahmedabad Doordarshan & PRASAR BHARTI officials visit MCBS plant to approve ICAS - FREE DISH STB manufacturing

Mr. T.N. SHESHAN, chief election commissioner visits MCBS stall in 1993 along with Mr. BAHAL chairman EXHIBITION INDIA