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1550nm External Modulation Optical

Product Description

RFTV is unidirectional analogue and digital video broadcast.It adopts high efficiency modulation mode for RF carrier wave and its economy, flexibility and bandwidth validity is beyond comparison of IPTV. By adopting EPON, GEPON or P2P access mode to realize triple-play and FTTx, RFTV broadcasting network in 1550nm opical wavelength still plays an important role and 1550nm externally modulated optical transmitter is the core equipment in this system.

Product Feature

    High performance: Externally modulated technology, no laser chip, low dispersion     distortion, high extinction ratio, with excellent characteristic within 40~862MHz.
   Narrow bandwidth (0.65MHz), lower noise, DFB continuous wave laser is propitious to    reduce the influence of the dispersion.
   The operating bandwidth is up to 47~1080MHz.
   CNR>= 53db and excellent CTB, CSO index.
   SBS: 13~18dBm adjustable.
   ITU standard wavelength, +=200GHz ( +=1.6nm) adjustable.
   AGC/MGC mode is optional at spot. OMI can be optimized at spot.
   Perfect RS232 communication interface.
   Advanced SNMP network management function.
   1+1 power supply backup, switch automatically.
   Casing tempreture auto-control.
   Excellent P/P ratio.

Technical Index

Product Series

   Used in main links and distribution network links in large and middle CATV station head-    end.
   Analog digital hybrid transmission >=200km (with dispersion compensation).
   OPTIGEN-4400 ITU wavelength adjustable, applicable to the value-added service of    DWDM fiber optic CATV system and CFG dispersion compensation system.
   It can be used in branch FTTH that has high system index demand. Point to Point>65km,    CSO<= -65dB. It can provide high qualified and reliable value-added service such as    RFTV, IPTV and VOD for the seconder users. It can avoid the limitation of CSO    deterioration and transmission distance caused b laser chip for adopting 1550nm direct    modulated optial transmitter.
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