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    Telecom Networks

MCBS’ thrust on the speedy implementation of projects has resulted us in orders from Govt. Of India.
Any telecom project is the country’s prestigious Telecom Network. The network consists of large no. of Voice and Data switches inter connected with various media types like microwave radio, OFC etc.,
It uses state-of- the art ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) switches, Satellite media, Microwave Radio, PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) and SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) and Optical Fiber communication (OFC) upto STM - 4 (Synchronous Transfer Mode level) using Bulk Encryption.

    Laying of Fiber Optical Networks

  • Cable Blowing, Fusion splicing

  • System Engineering

  • Outdoor Cable plant Installation

  • Trenching and Conduit placing

  • Cable laying, Jointing and Termination

  • Civil Construction

  • Warranty and post Warranty Maintenance

  • Equipment and Accessories supply

  • Training & Project management

    Types of Telecom Networks
  Voice and Data communication network comprising of  Digital Switching System (Low, Medium & High capacity, Feature rich and ISDN terminals)
Subscriber Access Network (Wired & Wireless access)
Customer Premises Equipment (DP/DTMF, Cordless, Feature telephones, ISDN terminals, Fax machines and LANs)
Connectivity to distant locations (UHF, Microwave, Fiber optics and Satellite)
High speed data network comprising of  Dedicated or shared HUB
VSATs of TDM/TDMA technology: Telecommunication and SCADA network 

DSL Broadband + OSS/BSS


DSL Broadband + OSS/BSS Solution provides the necessary infrastructure to deliver triple play services to subscribers through copper in the local loop. On the network side the solution is connected to an MPLS core network.


Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)


This solution enables enterprise and home users to experience true broadband, through interactive and real-time high bandwidth intensive applications, via an optical fiber-based infrastructure.

  Multiprotocol Label Sg (MPLS)

   Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Solution enables building of a common IP infrastructure that caters to all smaller networks    and sub networks. This platform may be used for converging services, integrating data, offering triple play services to ISP's and    enterprises.

  Next Generation Networks (NGN)

   NGN Solution is an ‘All IP Network’ that supports high QoS for triple play applications through network elements such as softswitch,    signaling gateway, trunk media gateway and announcement servers. This solution is capable of supporting VoIP, IPTV and IMS.
1. Setting Up of National Internet Backbone
2. Tele-Education and Tele-Medicine Projects
3. Setting Up of Pan-African e-Network for providing Tele-Education & Tele-Medicine services
4. Turnkey Consultancy Project for Setting-up of an ICT
5. Consultancy Services in the area of IT & Communications
6. Setting-up of Knowledge Centers in Villages
7. Implementation for e-District project
8. Consultancy Services for Implementation of City Wide Area Networks (CWAN)