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MCBS Video Audio System

MCBS provides Video-Audio products & solutions for (i) Broadcast installations (ii)CATV/ IPTV Headends (iii) CCTV networks,Video-Audio products meet all international standards namely CCIR/ PAL/ NTSC/ SECAM, SMPTE, DVB,DVB-ASI, ITU, AES/EBU and others.MCBS Audio-Video producs are available as standalone units and 19" rack mount versions.MCBS also provides custom designed products and solutions meeting cost/ performance parameters.MCBS is a world class experienced manufacturer and supplier of Video-Audio products for emerging needs and requirements of Communication & Broadcast Industry.Meets all Signal requiements and specifications of
Analogue Video (composite, component, S-video) Digital video (SD, SDI, HD, HDMI, DVI, DVB-ASI) Analogue Audio (balanced/ unbalanced) Digital Audio (AES/EBU) Data (10/100/1000 Ethernet and RS232/422)
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Find Below Our Video-Audio Products:

1)High performance Video & Pulse Distribution Amplifier
2)High perfromance Audio Distribution Amplifier
3)High performance Video-Audio Distribution Amplifier
4)General purpose Video-Audio Distribution Amplifier
5)Audio programming Amplifier
6)Audio Monitoring Amplifier
7)Video Cable Equaliser cum Hum Suppressor
8)Audio Switcher, Video Switcher
9)Video-Audio Switcher
10)Video-Routing Switcher, Audio-Routing Switcher
11)Video-Audio Routing Switcher
12)High performance V/A Switcher & Routing Switcher
13)High performance Audio & Video Patch Panels
14)VGA Distribution Amplifier, VGA Switcher & Routing Switcher
15)Video Format Converter- VGA to Composite Video & Composite Video to VGA Converter
16)Digital Video Products: SDI Distribution Amplifier & SDI Router, ADC & DAC of Analog Video to SDI Video
17)Digital Audio Products: AES/EBU Distribution Amplifier, ADC & DAC of Analog Audio to AES/EBU digital Audio
18)Sigma Product Range